We believe in integrity, reliability and service

Who we are?
Serversupportz is a server administration and management vertical owned and operated by Tranzmedia Netvision, a global technology solutions company.
Tranzmedia provides outsourced 24/7 technical support, server administration, server security and remote server management to Datacenters, Hosting companies and ISPs around the globe. At Serversupportz, the Tranzmedia techs fully understand that uptime, security, and reliability are of utmost importance to any hosting company.
We work on complex issues on servers to reduce downtime, improve performance and help web hosting providers reduce their support costs.
We believe in making technology easily manageable, efficient and affordable by offering a complete computing solution with world-class support and accountability.

What makes us the best choice?
Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you as an individual or a company experience peace of mind, be worry-free and focus on upscaling your business verticals.
By carefully selecting the best and brightest young minds, we can offer the highest quality support services available today.
All of our team members have vast experience in varied issues that are faced on a day to day basis in server management. Each of our team members holds a Master’s Degree and RHCE Certification.
All our team members have been chosen not only for their technical ability, intelligence, and problem-solving skills but also for their inclination towards helping other people, solving their problems and giving them the best service no matter what the challenges are.
Every member of Serversupportz speaks English as the first language and possess graduate-level communication skills.
Keeping service, affordability and transparency as our speciality we are well equipped to ensure all your computing requirements are met on time.

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