Dedicated Team
Support is always only a phone call away offering you all the benefits, minus the cost, of an in-house IT department



Dedicated Team

Support is only a phone call away with all the services that you need, minus the expenses of engaging an in-house Server Management Team. Get world-class White Label support for all your server-related activities.

This premium service package encompasses all the support and services that you will ever need for your projects. Even if you decide to upscale your business, the support from our team will ensure that the various integrations and realignment of services happen seamlessly without any visible discomfort to you or your customers.

Whether it be a small issue that is to be sorted out to complex problems that occur on your servers, our team has the skill and capability to ensure that all the issues are sorted out within the shortest time possible. Our team works with a turnaround time of 15 minutes within which either you have a complete resolution of the issue or an escalation wherein the details are sent to the data centre admins.

You can focus on upscaling your projects with peace of mind as our team will be monitoring all the services on your servers such as Apache, DNS, Email, FTP, POP3, Server Load, Disk Space and more to reduce downtime and any losses that may follow due to this.

Engage our Dedicated Team members and take-off on your journey to upscale your business.


Team Plans – Dedicated team


Benefits of Dedicated Server Support Plans

Performance Tuning

We ensure correct server configurations and settings to deliver the best performance even under strenuous conditions.

Live Team Support

Our team is always on standby to address your server problems. We offer multiple contact options – phone, email, live chat.

Backup & Restore Services

Our timely backup operations will ensure your data is always safe and ready to be deployed in the aftermath of an emergency.

Emergency Support

In case of any attack, our technicians will swing into action to recover lost data and apply steps to ward off such future attacks.

Expert Technicians

Our experienced technicians ensure high load bearing, optimal resource utilization and high availability of your servers.

Reduce Server Downtime

By monitoring diverse server health checks, our technician team can spot and fix issues even before your customers notice it.

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