17 Jan

Installing VestaCP on centOS 7 Server

Web hosting control panel are web-based interface that provide web hosting service that help users to manage their host services and servers.
Control panel with a GUI(graphical user interface) helps systems admins easily manage and monitor all hosted services client use.
Mainly used web hosting control panels are: vestaCP,cPanel,DirectAdmin,hpanel,ISPManager,ISPConfig,Plesk,Webmin.


Vesta control panel (VestaCP) is an open source hosting control panel,
which can be used to manage multiple websites, creat and manage email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases, manage DNS records and more



# Connect to your server as root via SSH
ssh [email protected]

# Download installation script
curl -O http://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh

# Run it
bash vst-install.sh


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