Semi-dedicated support team plan is a hybrid plan that inherits the features of dedicated team and affordability of shared support. Here, a dedicated support team is virtually shared across clients as per the subscribed plan specifications. Sharing of the team reduces the costs significantly but it restricts the availability of complete features of a fully dedicated team. Semi-dedicated support team plans are limited. The team that you use could be shared by one or more web hosting providers. Even though the team assigned to you is as good as our dedicated team, its duties are split across the providers. This makes the support limited at times. For example, in a situation where you demand emergency support, another provider could also need emergency issues. Such emergency situations could affect our response and resolution time.

Below are plan rates for a truly semi-dedicated plan where your support team is shared by only one provider and not three or four.

Team Plans – Semi Dedicated team

Benefits of Dedicated Server Support Plans

Performance Tuning

We ensure correct server configurations and settings to deliver the best performance even under strenuous conditions.

Live Team Support

Our team is always on standby to address your server problems. We offer multiple contact options – phone, email, live chat.

Backup & Restore Services

Our timely backup operations will ensure your data is always safe and ready to be deployed in the aftermath of an emergency.

Emergency Support

In case of any attack, our technicians will swing into action to recover lost data and apply steps to ward off such future attacks.

Expert Technicians

Our experienced technicians ensure high load bearing, optimal resource utilization and high availability of your servers.

Reduce Server Downtime

By monitoring diverse server health checks, our technician team can spot and fix issues even before your customers notice it.

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