24×7 Managed Proactive Server Monitoring

Only $5 Per Host!

Server monitoring plan will help ensure your servers are up and running well around the clock. We will monitor hosts, services and applications. Also, we will monitor websites, so that you can confirm the sites are up without any errors.


We Catch The Server Before it is Dead.Reduce Downtime With Us.

Dedicated Monitoring Team

We have a dedicated 24×7 team for monitoring your servers. This is not an automated application services.No false alarms.

Hard Disk Usage Report

We monitor the disk usage in your server on 24×7. We will inform before your disk is filled up and starting downtime.

Hard Disk Health Check

We monitor the hard disk health. We will catch it before your HDD is dead and it will prevent data loss from your server.

Email Alerts & Phone Support

We will inform you via email and phone as per your suggestion. We will only send the alerts on true downtimes.

Mysql Resource Monitoring

Our custom monitoring platform can monitor the mysql usage and mysql server load from your server. So you can catch database abuse

RAM and SWAP Monitoring

We will monitor the memory usage including RAM and SWAP usage. So we can catch your server before it is out of memory and prevent downtime.


We monitor all these services with custom ports and protocols. We will send restart or reboot requests as per your plan.

cPanel & Directa dmin Monitoring

We monitor all services in cpanel and directadmin servers. This also include the control panel services too.

TCP/UDP Service Monitoring

We will monitor any custom application or services from your server as per your request.

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