02 Mar

What Is Shared Hosting?

One of the most popular ways to host your website is shared web hosting. As the overall costs of server maintenance are shared by many clients, it is the most economical choice. Before you determine which company you want to host, first think about what package suits you best. Shared web hosting is by far the most economical way to host a website and most popular hosting options for those who are building out their first websites.

Since most hosting companies offer the same amount of space and storage. Actually shared hosting usually comes equipped with a built-in cPanel, which makes it easy to manage your site. Shared hosting is easily the cheapest and most affordable option for your needs.


  • The cost effectiveness and simplicity is the biggest profit of shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting plans come much cheaper compared to dedicated hosting and VPS.
  • Most shared hosting plans provide round maintenance and technical support that gives you uptime reliability almost comparable to dedicated plans.
  • Its loading time is much slower than dedicated servers.
  • A single server is used to host hundreds and even thousands of websites. This means that the server resources, such as bandwidth, RAM and CPU, are shared by the users.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of shared hosting because of which you should just stay away from it. If any website on a server gets hacked, then other websites also come under potential threat.
  • Your hosting plan may have lesser features compared to dedicated hosting plans. Because of security policy, some available ports and connections may be limited.
  • lack of resources that are available on shared hosting that stop your website from performing to its full potential.
  • As you need to share the resources of a single server, your website my often experience sluggishness brought about by the request for resources by other sites.
  • Any malicious activity that the server suffers affects the whole network of websites using the server.

                                                     In general shared hosting will be inappropriate for users who require extensive software development outside what the hosting provider supports. Almost all applications intended to be on a standard web server work fine with a shared web hosting service. The main strength here is that this is a cost-effective solution, and because you’re prepared to share hardware with other folks, you’ll naturally be paying less than the outlay for dedicated hosting.